Hockey Specialists,
Embroidery and Print


Our dedicated worldwide team; from the UK head office to the customers, agents, distributers and athletes across the world all believe in and exhibit the same good 'stuff'.

The Mercian hockey 'team' have knowledge of material innovations, they visit factories that make our 'stuff' impress the manufacturers with our passion and ensure that the products they make fit with what we believe.

We have the tradition and experience (over 40 years) to ensure our production channels are constantly improving, that product quality is maintained and then developed. But, the input from a hockey mad staff ensures we innovate constantly, recognise the changing hockey market and the communication channels of the day.

We want to deliver equipment to help every player hit their goals, be those Olympic medals or a Sunday afternoon hit-about in the sunshine!

18 Andover Road, Tivoli, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 2EQ