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TK - Hockey

All legends have a beginning. The legend of TK began out of a personal passion for hockey, passion held from a very young age by Thomas Kille.

His early enthusiasm proved itself, he competed in 60 games for the German Junior National teams, followed by the captaincy of the German U21's and many years playing in the German Bundesliga.

Thomas Kille recognised an opportunity during the 1970’s to improve the traditional hockey sticks available at that time. While studying Business Economics the young entrepreneur began experimenting with new glass fibre and polyester materials, reinforcing blank sticks in the basement of his home and selling them to players he knew, pioneering early technological advances that would shape the hockey sticks of the future.

TK Hockey has been at the forefront of technical innovation and design since the company began in 1985, something that continues to this day. For nearly 30 years the brand's reputation for quality, innovation and design has preceded it. TK continues to dominate the market by pushing boundaries in materials science and product design - TK leads, others follow.

Today, in the words of Thomas Kille, "the journey for TK has only just begun".

18 Andover Road, Tivoli, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 2EQ